Kits #10, #11, #12,#13, #14, and #15

It’s been a pretty busy day so this will be short. I’ll warn you in advance that the content will be pretty much the same the rest of the week in case you aren’t interested. 🙂

As much as I’m looking forward to sewing these kits, I think I’ll really appreciate having them later so I’m trying to be patient for now and continue to cut the rest of the week.

The first three quilts came from a dozen fat quarters of bright homespuns and, I still have a couple of strips left to use in a scrap quilt. I’m happy to see them get a little closer to becoming quilts.

#10 Homespun rails – a free pattern from Mary Quilts

#11 Big Modern Braid – from the book Ten Modern Quilts by by Basil Papanastassiou

#12 Kevinby It’s Sew Emma from the book Fat Quarter Baby (There were quite a few little pieces so I had to clip them together and label them all.)

This book has several cute quilts and you can see a quick video of them featured on You Tube here.

#13 Dream Weaver – From the Fabric Cafe 3 Yard Quilt Book, Quick as a Wink

#14 Roman Holiday – from the same 3 Yard Quilt book as the link above

#15 Chandelier Beads – a free pattern by Lella Boutique Blog I’ve had two identical charm packs for quite a while and it was time to do something with them. The wrappers were gone but, I believe they were Pieces of My Heart from Sandy Gervais.

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