My Sewing Room

The reckoning…

It’s done! Final count – 1500 yards
Here’s the You Tube video update of the room here and, the one from 10 days ago.

This is my entire stash. Out in the open where I can see it. I put a shelf on the floor so I could put my large backing pieces there. The one inch lip will come in handy when I’m sweeping the room.

Here’s the view from the opposite direction, standing with my back against the closet opening.

There are two shelves of orphan blocks and kits in a kitchen cabinet in my laundry room. The two containers with lids you see above are recycled shirts that will go in the same cabinet. Edit: I had hoped to work on them in August with my granddaughter but, she couldn’t come over due to cat allergies. Hopefully, I’ll get to them soon and we can sew together at her house.

I chose not to put anything back in this cart. It will work a lot better for ongoing scrap and string projects.

This is how the stash closet usually looks. I have a quilt hanging to keep sunlight off the fabric. Well, it’s actually a quilt with no backing. It is quilted horizontally every 6″ with batting and the reverse side doubles for my design wall.

I have a large tension rod in the top. The rod doesn’t slip because the ends sit in closet rod holders. I put grommets in the quilt and hung it with open shower curtain holders (from Walmart).

This room is a second bedroom in our small 1000 sq ft home. (We don’t have basements in Florida. 🙂 ) It isn’t a huge studio but, I love it all the same. My priority was to be able to fit a long arm in here so I could quilt my own tops – and the majority of those get donated.

I’ve had to make adjustments on how much “stuff” I can keep to allow plenty of space for the long arm. It’s my priority. That’s been a blessing in disguise. I’m finding that it’s a lot easier to keep neat and organized when you know putting things away “for later” is out of the question.

7 thoughts on “My Sewing Room”

  1. Lovely. Do you think it will stay nicely organized like that? I do like all my fabric out in the open so I can see it too but I’ve never organized just used it. I would never horrify anyone with photos! I went and looked at your scrap management project post and was delighted to see I sort of inspired it! Hope it works out for you.


    1. Thanks Cathy. I’m going to try it with baby steps but, your method absolutely did inspire me to give it a try.
      I have no choice about keeping it “company ready”. The first thing my husband has always done when someone comes over is to take them to see my sewing room. lol He has his own hobbies but, I guess he thinks my quilting is brag-worthy. 🙂
      It was more of a challenge when I had well over 100 UFOs but, you can see it with all the little bins in this Jan 2021 video.


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