Thursday quilt group

I didn’t think I’d get much done yesterday but, I surprised myself.

First, I helped punch holes with a Skip Stitch blade in some donated fleece for ladies in the guild to crochet the edges.

My BOM block(s) for this week plus, a block to mail to a member who recently had surgery were made.  I used the large cutting tables to trim my two string quilts so I’m hoping to get those bound tonight. (No school today so Im on grandma duty today.)

I brought home a few more fabrics from the “free” table.  The ones below include  pieces I brought home last week.

I only take pieces I can reasonably see myself using in the very near future.  All of these will work well in the type of quilts I most enjoy making. 

The weight translates to approximately 6 yards of fabric. A few have chunks cut out of them in weird places but, I can use the odd shapes in my strings quilts f it go to waste.

Tomorrow is guild meeting day. No school today. It’s the beginning spring break, so my granddaughter and I went to the movies. But, I think I’ll  still have time to get bindings sewn on my string quilts tonight. Hope so because I’d take them for Show and Tell in the morning.

Time to Quilt!

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