Symbolic & Sentimental Quilts

The quilts below all have a special place in my heart. Most were made because of how I felt about what was happening in the world at the time – or in my little part of it. (Some of the pictures will enlarge when you click on them.)


When you go through deep waters, I will be with you – Isaiah 43:2

Remembering Roscoe ♥

November 3, 2020 and January 6, 2021

Patti’s jeans – 2 memorial quilts for her sons

In 2015 Betsy asked me to make her a teal quilt, the color of the ovarian cancer ribbon, after she received her diagnosis. She loved it and cuddled up with it after every chemo treatment. Sadly, she lost her long hard battle 7 years later in March 2022.

Key West – to remember my first trip there, our Honeymoon ♥

Rescued and Sophisti-cats (To thank them both for letting us live here too!)

4 Florida hurricanes in 6 weeks – I took a completed flimsy apart and remade it to resemble the hurricane symbols swirling on weather maps when there are multiple storms brewing.

Going Viral (Covid) – the photo on the right was the picture on my TV screen, an update showing the spread of the virus on the nightly news. I remember feeling horrified!

We are all New York! A tribute to healthcare workers at the beginning of the pandemic as they were cheered every evening – it wasn’t until later that we realized we really would all be New York. My friend is a professional long arm quilter and did her magic on this one for me. I love it so much it hangs permanently over my sewing machine.

Love all shades – My first visit ever to Washington DC in the summer of 2021. Out of all the historical, bigger than life, things we saw… I couldn’t forget the young girl at the Capitol with “Love All Shades” on her t-shirt. My heart broke thinking that we live in a world where a child has to wear this on her shirt to advise adults to be kind to one another. It’s the sentiment I chose to remember the trip by.

Diamonds in the deep – family reunion at Ichetucknee Springs

Illusion – started, put aside, and then taken out and finished one afternoon when I was really upset with an extended family member. This one was quilted by the same friend with flames (at my request). When I see it I remember that sometimes life is an illusion and relationships can easily go up in flames!

Are we done decorating yet??? (Running joke every Halloween when this quilt comes out. My husband won’t let me forget about taking this picture of my newly finished quilt.)

Construction! (I mean really, who could resist this photo op when you have equipment like this in your yard that day.)

Love wins! – Both quilts given away to very special people.

I couldn’t help but think of how little has changed in the nearly 50 years since John Lennon wrote the song Imagine. I hand appliqued the guitar pieces as I watched the news of mass protests and uprisings across the globe over the killing of George Floyd  on May 25 2020.

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